TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity solutions take into account the differing needs of our customers and with a choice of performance levels provide unrivalled flexibility and reliability for all network demands.

CopperTen is the world’s first UTP structured cabling system with the necessary characteristics to enable 10 Gigabit per second Ethernet transmission over a full 100 metres. Typical Category 6/6A cabling systems are hindered by the technical combination of insertion loss and alien crosstalk at higher frequencies. Alien crosstalk greatly disrupts transmission and high-speed data communications. TE Connectivity’s CopperTen system incorporates patent-pending design and manufacturing processes that enable the products to overcome these challenges.

They also offer a comprehensive range of shielded and unshielded copper and fibre optic solutions including high-density patch panels and cross-connect modules to outlets, cables and accessories.

TE Connectivity has a solution for every network installation an offers clients a 20 year warranty.