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Leading product suppliers

We are certified installers of range of products which allows us to offer our customers with market leading warranties

Siemon Cabler In Perth
Unparalleled Performance and Reliability with Siemon Cabling Solutions

Siemon is renowned for its cutting-edge cabling solutions that deliver unmatched performance and reliability. With a focus on innovation and quality, Siemon products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern data and telecommunications networks. From copper and fibre optic cabling to connectivity solutions, Siemon offers a comprehensive range of products that ensure seamless connectivity, exceptional signal integrity, and future scalability. Professional Cabling Services proudly utilises Siemon's industry-leading solutions to deliver robust and high-performance network infrastructure for our clients.

Molex Cabler In Perth
When it comes to providing high quality, industry standard cable assemblies, Molex is often described as ‘the market leader’.

Molex’s knowledge base is unprecedented and the way they set current industry standards is a direct result of their complete involvement in the design and production of each and every new product. Many of Molex’s innovative product designs have eventually become the standard that other manufacturers follow. Professional Cabling Services utilises the flexible design and manufacturing capabilities that allows us to better provide custom shielded cable solutions for all of our industry standard installations.

Panduit Cabler In Perth
Why do Professional Cabling Services use Panduit products?

The answer is simple – PANDUIT® is a world leader in high quality racks and cable management solutions for telecommunication equipment rooms and premise wiring applications. The PANDUIT® solution provides the options necessary to handle the most demanding installations while providing the flexibility to facilitate system upgrades now and in the future. Panduit offers a full range of cable management and rack products for the Enterprise market.

We also use a wide variety of Panduit rack accessories, enclosures, connectivity, routing and grounding systems.

Commscope Cabler In Perth
Empowering Connectivity with Commscope's Industry-Leading Solutions

Commscope is a trusted name in the field of network infrastructure solutions, offering a diverse portfolio of products that enable seamless connectivity in today's digital world. With a focus on innovation, performance, and reliability, Commscope delivers high-quality copper and fibre optic cabling solutions, connectivity products, and network management systems. Professional Cabling Services leverages Commscope's advanced technologies and comprehensive product range to design and deploy robust network infrastructures that support the evolving needs of our clients, ensuring optimal performance and future scalability.

R&M Cabler In Perth
Reliable and Future-Proof Network Solutions with R&M

R&M is recognised globally for its reliable and future-proof network solutions that meet the highest industry standards. R&M offers a wide range of innovative copper and fibre optic cabling solutions, including cables, connectors, and patch panels. Their products are known for their exceptional quality, durability, and performance, making them a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient network infrastructure. At Professional Cabling Services, we trust R&M's expertise and utilise their cutting-edge solutions to deliver robust and scalable network installations that meet our clients' connectivity needs today and in the future.

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